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The chocolate supply chain

What is a supply chain?

A supply chain involves extracting and processing raw materials to supply an end-product to a consumer. It consists of inputs, throughputs and outputs.

Inputs, throughputs, outputs

Follow the chocolate production processes of a large manufacturer.

Investigate cocoa, the key ingredient in chocolate. Watch a presentation about chocolate production.

A pile of roasted cocoa beans

Operations strategies

Read about outsourcing in four chocolate companies. Explore quality control of cocoa and a quality control approach for chocolate products.

four round chocolates

Read about research and development into cocoa. Explore equipment used in chocolate production. Consider upgrades at a German chocolate plant and the logistics of improving the inventory management system of a major manufacturer.


Explore how globalisation has shaped the production and consumption of chocolate.

Examine how technology is shaping the future of chocolate production.

Read about quality expectations.

Examine the influence of cost-based competition.

See how regulations and government policies impact on chocolate businesses.

Explore corporate social responsibility.

Read more in Sites2See - ethics and the chocolate business.


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