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Number for Primary

Numbers describe quantities or values. There are many types of numbers. Numerals are symbols used to represent numbers. Explore the language of mathematics with A maths dictionary for kids. (link).

Online tools heading with link to more tools and resources

Use bingo with the whole class, on the interactive whiteboard, or jump along an interactive number line to explore integers, fractions or negative numbers.

Roll virtual dice or flip a coin for games, while the function builder from PhET will allow you to explore the imputs and outputs of custom functions.

An interactive abacus will help students understand place value while these options for random number generators can be used in many learning situations.

Scootle has a range of tools, interactives and resources to support the primary Math curriculum.

Early Stage 1 and Stage 1

Play some fun counting games at, or head to to count the birthday candles.

Snakes and ladders and Treasure Quest both work on the hundreds chart. Molly adds up to 10 helps with practising word addition to 10, while Math Monsters Subtraction helps with subtraction up to 15. Count the Fish to match numbers and pictures.

Watch and discuss these fun videos from ABC Count Us In, from the ABC splash site to help with learning basic number concepts.

Stage 2 and 3

Start the day with a Brain Bender or an animated logic puzzle. ABC splash has an extensive range of games and videos to support maths activites. Check the resource does not use Flash before choosing it.

Improve mental math understanding of place value with Make a Ten. Have students explore multiplicative patterns and rules with Circus towers: square stacks; and practise algebraic reasoning with Algebraic reasonign at the sweet shop. Play a funny game that uses math skills to feed some GobblingGoblins. Practise estimating and think about possibilities using The Sludger!.

For teachers

Show parents tips for numeracy at home or videos supporting numeracy learning.

Discover SMART teaching strategies for teaching Number on the Number and algebra page on the NSW Department of Education website. Stage specific information and activites can be found by navigating to a specific topic. Advice on promoting mental math skills is available from the VIC Department of Education website. Find lesson ideas at Cool math 4 kids and a broad range of math activites at

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See also Sites2See: Patterns and algebra, Measurement and Space and Geometry.

For parents

Use the maths dictionary to be able to help with homework and find videos, tips and help sheets to support working with your child from the SchoolAtoZ website.