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Living on the edge

Learn about the work of Oxfam Australia in Nepal in 2015 and in Haiti in 2010.

Tectonic plates

Learn about the tectonics of the 2010 Haitian earthquake.

Simplified map of the Caribbean on the ScienceBlogs website, showing Caribbean plate and points of convergence.

Compare earthquakes in different countries this century using Wikipedia’s list of significant global earthquakes. Compare information about 2011 earthquakes.

Maps at show the contours of the depths of the oceans and tectonic plate boundaries around the world.

The Science of Earthquakes

Visit the How Stuff Works website to find a well sourced article on How Earthquakes Work. To see animations that will help you explore the concepts behind plate tectonics and earthquakes visit the United States Geological Survey page Animations for Earthquake Terms and Concepts. More

Over the past 100 years, hundreds of earthquakes have claimed tens of thousands of lives despite improvements in technology. See the Timeline: a century of killer quakes.

Read a simple explanation of P and S waves and then view seismic graphs of earthquake waves to determine their epicentres. Scrutinise the Geoscience Australia Richter Scale magnitude of earthquakes table and maps of Recent Earthquakes.

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