Improving Liveability

An illustration showing one idea of what Sydney might look like in the future.

A future Sydney?

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Whether a community is growing, shrinking, ageing or even staying the same, it is important to plan for the future and strive for improved liveability. Geographers are instrumental in this process. This resource is about planning for future developments in your own community in order to enhance liveability and the wellbeing of the community.


In planning future cities focus must be placed on sustainability, access to services and facilities, liveability and the quality of the community and the environment. The following links will supply you with information on how architects and city planners are thinking about these ideas while designing future cities.

Your tasks

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Collect and discuss data about your community.

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Plot current and future trends in your community.

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In groups, develop a plan to enhance the liveability of your community.

An illustration showing one idea of what a connected city of 2086 might look like.

Future connected city

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